Best Tips & Tricks For Your First Survivalist Trip

Exploring the great outdoors is fun and exciting, but it could be challenging, too. While it is true that there are lots of gear and essential items available these days, the truth is, you cannot really take them all with you. In short, you have to be creative and resourceful in order for you to survive in the wild. You also have to learn some skills. Once you do, that is when you will realize the true essence of being a survivalist.

As you get ready for your first survivalist trip, here are important tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

Create a Fire

When you are in the wilderness, you need fire to cook your food, keep you warm, as well as to light your surroundings. But what if your lighter or matches don’t work? Then you have to find some alternatives.

Fuel, oxygen, and spark are the main three things that you need to start a fire. For fuel, it may come in the form of dry leaves, twigs, or branches. You can easily find these in the wild. As for oxygen, it is all over the place. The only thing that you have to think about now is the “spark” or heat. If you have flint and steel, then all you have to do is to strike the flint against the steel. Another option is to create an improvised magnifying glass using the power of the sun.

Build a Shelter

One of the most important tools that you need while in the wild is a shelter. This is easy if you are carrying a tent with you. All you need is to set it up. If you don’t have a tent or a camping tarp, you can make use of wood, branches, and leaves. To be on the safe side, you should never build your shelter on damp ground. You also have to avoid building one on top of a hill nor at the bottom of a narrow valley.

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