Best Tips & Tricks For Your First Survivalist Trip

Find Clean Drinking Water

Sure, you can bring bottled water. But once you run out, you need to look for other sources and make sure that they are not contaminated. Rainwater, as well as melted snow, would be fine. If you are getting water from puddles or streams, it is crucial that you boil it first. Another excellent idea is to create an improvised water filter.

Identify Edible Plants

Edible plants are abundant in the wild, but you should learn how to identify them. Take note that some plants, flowers, or fruits may seem edible, but they are actually poisonous. There is no accurate way of telling whether or not a plant can be eaten safely. But just to be sure, you should stay away from plants that you are not familiar with, especially those that are bitter in taste, have thorns or with milky sap.

Make a Torch

If your tactical flashlight gave up on you, you can make a torch out of a branch, particularly that of a Birch tree. Split it in half, stick a piece of bark in the fork, and light the split end. That would give you an instant torch that you can use to illuminate your path as well as to ward off wild animals.

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