Best Tips & Tricks For Your First Survivalist Trip

Learn How to Fish

Luckily, there are various techniques that you can utilize for catching fish in a survival situation. You may opt for hand fishing, gill net, dip net, spear, hand line, hooks, striking iron, basket trap, or fish weir. Experts say that you will most likely catch more fish if you cast your bait while facing into the wind.

Look for Coconuts

Coconuts are very useful. First off, you can use the leaves to create your shelter. You can also drink coconut water so that you can hydrate your body and get some essential nutrients.

Sleep Above the Ground

Sleeping on the floor of the forest is never a good idea. If you can create a make-shift hammock, that would be a lot better than laying down on the ground. Also, if you can build it higher, you’d be safer from wild animals that may attack you, especially at night.

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