Essential Items You Need To Survive A Pandemic

OTC Medications

Depending on the sickness, there are various over-the-counter medications that you can utilize to treat the symptoms. Therefore, you should always have a stash of OTC medicines at home, such as those for cough and fever. If you could get stocks that would last up to 90 days, that would be better.


Your immune system is your first line of defense against infections and other diseases, so it is only right to take good care of it. Aside from eating healthy foods, you can also take supplements and vitamins to boost your immunity. Vitamins can be bought without a prescription. You just have to determine what you need. When it comes to strengthening your immune system, Vitamin C would be your best friend.

Hand Soap

We all have heard our grandparents and parents telling us to wash our hands. With the pandemic that the world is experiencing right now, this old habit has been proven to be very effective in avoiding infections and illnesses. With this in mind, you should always have a hand soap handy. As much as possible, invest in anti-bacterial soap.

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