Essential Items You Need To Survive A Pandemic

Hand Sanitizer

Aside from washing your hands with soap and water, it would also be great to have a hand sanitizer in your purse so that you can disinfect your hands whenever needed, especially if you are outdoors. It is highly recommended though that you carefully choose the brand that you buy. Pick one with the highest percentage of alcohol as it would be more effective in killing bacteria or germs.

First Aid Kit

Even without a pandemic, having a first aid kit at home or in your backpack when exploring the great outdoors is highly recommended. It consists of important items like a thermometer, bandage, and other stuff that you can use to treat minor injuries. If you have this special kit, you will be able to treat yourself before anything gets worse.


Bleach is one of the best solutions that you can utilize to keep the surfaces of your home germ-free. Therefore, it would be nice if you have at least a gallon kept somewhere in your house. During a pandemic, keeping your home and surroundings clean is an excellent way to survive.

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