Foods You Should Always Take On A Camping Trip

While “living off the land” when going camping sounds like a great idea, it is not always that easy, especially if you are a recreational camper and not a hunter or anything like that.

The key to an amazing camping experience is planning ahead of time. If you need to create a checklist before your trip, so be it so that you won’t forget anything, particularly your nutritional needs. The last thing that you would want to happen is scratching your head because you left behind your food and drink supplies.

When creating a to-bring list, you should include the following foods:



You can never go wrong having a stash of sliced bread when going camping. Bread is the foundation of any sandwich, so if you have a pack handy, you can easily whip up a lunch or dinner meal. Plus, if you plan on making a stew or soup, especially on a cold night, you can dip your bread into the soup. That right there would complete your meal.


Sure, it is nice to have some kitchen utensils when you go camping. But sometimes, it is not practical, especially if you are heading up in the mountains to camp out. Can you imagine carrying all those heavy utensils? It would definitely drain all your energy. So be smart when packing the essentials. You can consider bringing disposable cups, plates, as well as spoons and forks. And you know what else you can bring to minimize the use of utensils? Pitas!

You can use pitas to pack your meal together. This allows you to make your very own burrito without having to worry about washing a lot of dishes.

Canned Goods

Needless to say, canned goods are the ultimate when talking about non-perishability, so make sure that you have a few in your backpack. With this, you have a lot of options. You can have all your favorites in cans, like pork and beans, corned beef, meatloaf, and many more. All you need is a knife or a can opener, and your meal would be good to go. You won’t have to stress yourself out cooking elaborate meals either.


When you are out in the wild, you definitely need your supply of protein. Eggs are an excellent source of this particular nutrient, so it would be great if you can add them to your list. One good thing about eggs is that they are quite easy to cook. They are versatile as well. You just have to pack them neatly and safely in such a way that they won’t crack.


Vegetables come with a plethora of health benefits. With that said, you should not fail to take some on a camping trip. They are a good addition to any meal. They can also be your main course, particularly if you are a vegetarian. With vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes, you can easily put a salad together. This allows you to enjoy a savory and healthy meal even if you are outdoors.


Just like vegetables, fruits can provide you with a myriad of vitamins and minerals. You can utilize them too to make a salad, or you can eat them as-is for a snack or dessert. You can never underestimate the nutritional value of fresh fruits.


Bacon is another versatile food item that you should include on your food list when going camping. It is easy to cook, plus it could be a great addition as well to any meal be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can add it to your salad or even sandwiches.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is one of the favorite foods of hikers and campers. This food item does not need any preparation, plus it is easy to carry around. It’s a great snack. With a combination of dried fruits, granola, and various nuts, you can expect to get nutrients from trail mix, too.


Hotdogs are another favorite of people who are going on a camping trip. You can simply boil, fry, or roast them. They are an incredible source of protein and other nutrients that your body needs to stay strong. Plus, if you are taking your kids with you, they’d be so happy eating hotdogs outdoors.


In every cookout or camping, marshmallows are definitely a must. All you have to do is to put them on a stick or a skewer and roast them while having a bonfire, and you’ll have an instant dessert or snack.

When going on a camping trip, it is important that you take some foods with you to ensure that you won’t starve while you are in the wilderness. Include the food items that we’ve mentioned above and you are good to go.

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