Non Lethal Devices Every Survivalist Should Have

With the increasing number of crimes nowadays, it would be a good idea to have something to protect yourself with. When we say “weapon”, most people think of firearms. But the thing is, not all conflicts call for a lethal weapon.

With this in mind, you should also consider carrying some sort of non-lethal instruments with you no matter where you go, be it in the nearest convenience store late at night, or even when you go camping in the wilderness. You’ll never know when assailants would attack you. Therefore, you should always be prepared.

Here are some non-lethal devices that every survivalist should have:



The Hyperwhistle isn’t something that you can use to kill somebody or anything like that. But with its loud sound, which is up to 142 DB, it will definitely disorient your assailant. This instrument is a great way to protect yourself even before a fight gets physical. It could draw attention from as far as more than two miles. You don’t have to worry about hurting yourself though because this device comes with hearing protection for the user.

This right here is great to have, but it is highly recommended that you accompany it with other non-lethal weapons.

EVATAC Tactical Survival Shovel

If you think that shovels are good only for digging, you are wrong. Devices like the EVATAC survival shovel is actually a solid survival tool with tons of uses. You’d be surprised to see how many hidden tools it has. It comes with a reliable liquid-filled compass, Phillips and flat head screwdriver, fire starter, knife, saw, and ax. All in one instrument! If you get attacked, a few blows will surely inflict some serious damages.

Monkey Fist

The Monkey Fist Knot is probably one of the oldest non-lethal devices that you can find out there, but it is certainly very useful and lots of people love it. It comes with a heavy ball wrapped in ropes, making it an amazing weapon. You can buy this pre-made. But if you want, you can also wrap the ball yourself. That would be fun!


This one here is a serious survival gear that comes with various uses as well, such as an LED flashlight, interchangeable tooltips, glass breaker, and many more. It makes an excellent close-quarter weapon. And mind you, it could inflict serious injuries on your assailant, too, as long as it is used properly. Aside from being an easy-to-conceal non-lethal weapon, you definitely can use it for writing.

ViperTek Heavy Duty Stun Gun

For people who want to stay away from real guns, they opt for stun guns instead. In fact, this device is being used by military personnel and law enforcement officers. The ViperTek Stun Gun is heavy duty and you can utilize it to drop a large man in just a few seconds, thanks to the powerful electrical current that it can produce.

One good thing about this brand is it comes with an anti-snatch feature. When somebody attempts to take it away from you, it will deliver a high voltage shock.

Devil Juice Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are gaining more and more popularity as well. Men and women alike use it as a self-defense weapon. But if you want your non-lethal device to be effective, you need to go for a good brand like the Devil Juice Pepper Spray. It is so hot that it can cause dry heaves, near-stroke symptoms, and blinding headaches.

FastStrike Tactical Whip

If you are a huge fan of Indiana Jones, then you will surely love the Faststrike Tactical Whip. It’s like a bullwhip but this one here is so much better. It has a 17-inch stainless steel spring cable with a solid striker.

The advantage of this device is it is quite easy to use. You can utilize it to strike in any direction. It also comes with a solid grip to make sure that it stays secure in your hand. Plus, it has a pocket clip, which makes it much easier to attach it to your pocket or bag.


The StrikeLight serves as a flashlight and a bat at the same time, making it another incredible non-lethal device. It would be good to have this weapon when you go out in the middle of the night to check on a noise outside. Its flashlight offers multiple modes. When you utilize the strobe setting, you can expect it to be very disorienting. And with its aluminum construction, you can also use it as a baton to protect yourself with.

Cold Steel Baseball Bat

A baseball bat will always be a good non-lethal weapon. So if this is what you want to have in your arsenal, you might as well invest in the Cold Steel Baseball Bat. This instrument is so durable that it won’t break during an attack. Plus, it is wrapped in barb wire.

Keychain Baton

The short compact design of this device makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. It’s built is also solid, which gives you the assurance that it won’t let you down during an attack.

These non-lethal devices are an excellent addition to your self-defense arsenal. Whether you are going out late at night, or you intend to go camping or hunting, it would be nice to know that you have something that you can utilize for self-defense when needed.

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