Non Lethal Devices Every Survivalist Should Have

Devil Juice Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are gaining more and more popularity as well. Men and women alike use it as a self-defense weapon. But if you want your non-lethal device to be effective, you need to go for a good brand like the Devil Juice Pepper Spray. It is so hot that it can cause dry heaves, near-stroke symptoms, and blinding headaches.


FastStrike Tactical Whip

If you are a huge fan of Indiana Jones, then you will surely love the Faststrike Tactical Whip. It’s like a bullwhip but this one here is so much better. It has a 17-inch stainless steel spring cable with a solid striker.

The advantage of this device is it is quite easy to use. You can utilize it to strike in any direction. It also comes with a solid grip to make sure that it stays secure in your hand. Plus, it has a pocket clip, which makes it much easier to attach it to your pocket or bag.



The StrikeLight serves a flashlight and a bat at the same time, making it another incredible non-lethal device. It would be good to have this weapon when you go out in the middle of the night to check on a noise outside. Its flashlight offers multiple modes. When you utilize the strobe setting, you can expect it to be very disorienting. And with its aluminum construction, you can also use it as a baton to protect yourself with.


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