Survival Skills That Everyone Should Know 

Catch Food

For a survival situation that stretches into days or weeks, you need to look for food. You are lucky if you are in a spot where there are edible plants, vegetables, or fruits. You can also sharpen a long and sturdy stick and make it a weapon to hunt for animals or fish. Another method is “trapping”, which, as the term suggests, is the art of luring small animals into a trap.

Prepare and Cook Food

Be it fish or animals, it is essential that you know how to prepare and cook them as well. Fish can be eaten raw, but it would be a lot better if you grill them as this will help kill parasites that may be present in them. This will also help you avoid diseases.

Start a Fire

The ability to create or start a fire without using a lighter or matches is another important survival skills that you should learn. In fact, this is the second most important next to finding water. With fire, you can illuminate your surroundings, warm you up, and cook your food. Starting a fire from scratch is not an easy thing though. It requires skills and proper techniques, too. You can make use of a bow drill, improvised magnifying glass, as well as flint and steel. Start small and be creative. Most importantly, be patient.

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