The Best Old Towns That Have Been Preserved

The 21st century has given birth to skyscrapers and modern architectures. Everywhere you turn your head to now, you will see glorious products of the new era. But have you ever wondered how the towns looked like back in the day when life was still very simple?

If you love traveling, small towns and villages are a good destination. Believe it or not, a lot of them have been preserved that it seems like they got stuck in time. Intrigued? Here are old towns in different countries that have been preserved:

Feng Huang, China

Feng Huang, also known as Phoenix Ancient Town, is regarded as the most beautiful town in China. It is situated in Hunan Province, which is very famous for the amazing views of the Tianmen Mountains. Surrounded by nature and historic architecture, this town has become one of the must-see places in China. The buildings come with the so-called Ming and Qing style. Right now, they are preserved and protected by UNESCO.

Marburg, Germany

Marburg is a university town and it has always been a cultural center of Europe. Aside from having the oldest pedestrian zones in the country, it also boasts Gothic and Renaissance architecture, which you can see on the university complex, churches, and cathedrals, not to mention the gorgeous castle. Thousands of tourists, as well as scientists, flock to this town yearly and it’s definitely something that you should see in your lifetime.

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