The Hills & Mountains To Conquer Within The US

Mount Katahdin, Maine

The name “Katahdin” means “The Greatest Mountain”, and it is, indeed. Mount Katahdin is the highest mountain in Maine with an elevation of 1606 meters or 5269 feet. If you take the Hunt Trail, which is just over ten miles, you’d see beautiful waterfalls and woodland.

Camelback Mountain, Arizona

You can find the Camelback Mountain in the state of Arizona. Wondering where the name “camelback” came from? It actually came from the shape of the mountain itself, which resembles the head and the hump of a camel on its knees. This mountain only has an elevation of 825 meters, but you will get rewarded with nice panoramas.

We can go on and on listing beautiful hills and mountains in the United States. You will never run out of options. There is no need for you to go out of the country as America has lots to offer.

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