Try These Easy To Conceal Tactical Pens

A pen is a tool that is used for writing. But with the resourcefulness and creativity of people, some pens can already be used not just for writing but also for self-defense. They are called tactical pens. They are not as huge as guns nor knives, and so, it is way easier to conceal them. At first glance, they look like ordinary pens. But like what we have said, they can do more than just writing. They are weapons hidden in plain sight.

If you are interested in keeping a tactical pen, here are the best ones that you should consider looking into:


Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen is something that you can easily carry around without anyone noticing it. It has been designed considering a law enforcement official’s input, so you can tell that it’s extremely useful when it comes to self-defense. With just a single push of a button, the ink cartridge will be revealed and it can be used to write in all positions and all sorts of weather conditions. Its tip is made with tempered steel that can easily break a glass and, of course, can be utilized to get you out of trouble.



Boker Plus Tactical Pen

This one here is made of hard-coat anodized CNC milled aluminum that comes with a black finish. It features a bolt action mechanism for a satisfying open and close. So that somehow gives you a mild form of entertainment when you are bored in the office. But for its more crucial use, it offers no-slip thumb placement, helping you grip it securely when you are in trouble.


Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen With Stylus

Featuring a machined T6061 hard-anodized aluminum construction, personal protection tip, back pocket clip, ballpoint black ink cartridge, and screw-cap protected built-in stylus, the Smith & Wesson tactical pen would be a great choice. Since it comes with a stylus, it would work well if you are one who is always on his smartphone or any gadget. What’s more? It’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so I suggest you get one today!



Benchmade 1100 Titanium Series Pen

Benchmade is known for its world-class fixed blade knives as well as pocket folding knives. They also came up with the best tactical pens that you can find in the marketplace. The 1100 Titanium Series Pen is a lightweight writing instrument that can withstand everyday use and also a reliable weapon that you can utilize to protect yourself when in danger.


Nitecore NTP10 Tactical Pen

Nitecore crafts not only the best EDC flashlights but also the most amazing tactical pen out there. The Nitecore NTP10 tactical pen is as reliable and functional as its flashlight counterparts. It is also light yet very durable due to its waterproof titanium construction. This pen would be really difficult to break.


Hardcore Hardware TWI-02 Tactical Pen

The Hardcore hardware TWI-02 tactical Pen has been designed not only for military and public safety personnel but also for civilians who appreciate the beauty of high-quality tools. This is actually the flagship tactical pen of Hardcore Hardware. Made from non-reflective black anodized aluminum, this tool also features knurling along the shaft that allows a better grip. It comes with a glass-breaking tip and a steel pocket clip, too.


Schrade Survival Tactical Pen

This instrument is lightweight and comes with an anodized aluminum body as well as a built-in glass breaker. What’s more? It has a whistle, fire starter, and replaceable ink cartridge. It is durable, dependable, and secure, making it one of the top choices of outdoor enthusiasts.



UZI Defender Tactical Pen With Glass Breaker

The UZI Defender has been utilized and still being used by military personnel and civilians. Aside from its integrated glass breaker, it features a hidden handcuff key that can help you escape when caught by your enemies. It’s a life saver, indeed.


5.11 PreFense Lance Pen

Just like the other tactical pens that we have highlighted above, the 5.11 PreFense lance Pen has an anodized aluminum body as well. Plus, it has a textured shaft that offers a superior grip when writing and defending yourself against the enemies. If you want a stylish instrument that doesn’t have “tactical pen” written all over it, this would be an excellent choice.


Valtev Tactical Pen

The Valvtev Tactical Pen is compatible with Parker and Fisher Space Pen ink cartridges. It is quite affordable, but you’d be surprised to see how durable it is. This tactical pen is lightweight as well, making it very easy to conceal and carry around.


Tactical pens are one of the most interesting and useful tools for survivalists that you could get your hands on. Aside from being a great writing instrument, you can also use them to defend your life and that of your loved ones when needed.

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