Acquiring Food Storage Even if Your Budget Is Tight

There will be a time in our life when we feel so “poor” that we can’t even store foods or anything that is considered a necessity, even those cheap ones. Sometimes, building up a cupboard seems so expensive already, what more if we store something to it?

Everything today seems so expensive – the rental bills, electric bills, transportation, internet bills (most of us use the internet as our way of earning money since we can’t go face to face due to COVID so most jobs now are taken online- and internet bills are way expensive in some countries), and the food we consume every day as well.


Acquiring food storage is very important to every household. When paychecks are delayed, at least we have something to consume while we are waiting for the company we are working at for the payment.

But even those whose salary is a bit higher than the minimum wage seem to struggle in storing food for preparedness. What more those who are dire in need?

But don’t worry; there is something you can actually do about it. In this article, we will talk about how to store food even if your budget is tight. 


1. Know and Prioritize Your Wants and Needs

When we receive those paychecks, we feel like rewarding ourselves for the hard work and for beating that 9 – 5. And so from time to time, we will buy ourselves a coffee or eat out in fancy restaurants because honestly, that’s what we deserve. But think about it; is your salary enough for spending on something you actually don’t need?

Your favorite mobile device company (for example, Apple Inc.) released a new model of their iPhone. Since you are an avid fan of that company, you are tempted to buy that latest iPhone. Resist yourself as much as you can. If you think the device you are currently using has minimal to no problem then keep it instead of buying a new one.

Buy only the things that will help you survive for a couple of weeks until your next paycheck arrives. But if there’s enough money left, then treat yourself and buy what you want, your favorite coffee in Starbucks, new shoes, or clothes. There’s nothing wrong with spending your money on the things you want (only if your money is enough).


2. Wait Until Your Favorite Store Is on Sale

As a consumer, you need to be wiser. Most grocery stores go on sale regularly. It might be seasonal sales or holiday sales. Buying on items that are 50% off is better than paying for the full or original price. In this way, you will spend less and you can buy more items to store in your food storage.

3. Compare Store-to-Store

Some store sells items at a higher price while other stores sell the same items at a lower price. Do not stick to one store. You might even find a better product when you go store-to-store.

4. Know the Branded and Store Brands

Admit it (or even if you don’t), brand names are way expensive than store brands, and even sometimes they sell the exact same items. We are on a tight budget here. There’s no sense buying branded items. Branded seems way cooler, but it’s the long run we are talking about.

5. Budget, Budget, and Budget

There’s no other effective way to store foods than budgeting. Make a budget plan. Following it will help you prioritize your necessity and you are able to monitor your money. When going to the grocery, look at your list and buy only what is written there.

6. Use Coupons

Other stores offer coupons when you buy bulk items. Take advantage of it. But only use your coupon when you are left with none. Just because it’s a “free-money” doesn’t mean you can spend on things you don’t really need.

7. Discipline Yourself

Discipline your kids as well as yourself. Sometimes, when we see that there are many foods stored in the fridge or pantry, we are tempted to consume them even if we aren’t really hungry. This is one of the reasons why your budgeted foods won’t last long to your expected day. Don’t cook or consume everything on one go.

8. Start Gardening

Gardening is a classic way of survival. Make use of your unused yard. Grow vegetables. They are healthier and even taste better. Gardening is also a fun activity.

Importance of Storing Food

Storing food is essential especially today where everything is so expensive. It’s also a way of survival. Following these steps will help you to store foods even on a tight budget.

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