Do You Like Boonie Hats? Here Are Our Picks

Boonie hats also referred to as giggle hats, are wide-brim hats commonly worn by military personnel. They come with straps to provide more stability, and they are usually camouflaged to match the outfit of soldiers and other individuals in that field. But nowadays, boonie hats already come in all sorts of sizes, designs, and shapes to suit the varying needs and preferences of outdoorsmen. You have to remember that boonie hats are not only for the looks. They also serve as protection against the sun, wind, or rain while working outdoors. So if you are into hiking, hunting, fishing, and any outdoor activities, you might as well invest in a giggle hat.

Wondering what the best boonie hats are? Take a look at our top picks.



The Rothco boonie hat is designed according to government requirements. With four-screened side vents, woven loops, and an adjustable strap, it is practical yet very stylish. It is also made with polyester and 100 percent cotton, which makes the headwear durable and weatherproof. It can withstand all weather conditions. In short, it is one of the best boonie hats available in the marketplace.



This one here can be worn by men and women. It comes with a sleek style and superior quality. Even if you wear it in the rain, you can expect that it can still protect you. That’s because it’s made with 100 percent polyester and waterproof material. What’s more amazing is, as good as the LETHMIK boonie hat is, it is very affordable. The only thing that you should look into is the size. Some people say that it’s not a one size fits all hat.


Outdoor Research

The Outdoor Research boonie hat is another unisex option. It comes with a long, nylon removable chin cord with a lock to help keep your headwear in place. But at times when you don’t need the hat, you can simply drape it down your back, and that’s made possible because of the long chin cord. What’s cool about this boonie hat is the Gore-Tex fabric membrane, which makes it windproof and waterproof. It is also vapors permeable. And lastly, there are about 17 colors that you can choose from.



If you are into camouflage, the MIRMARU boonie hat has lots to offer to you. Aside from the traditional camouflage, it also comes in desert-day camouflage and blue-sky camouflage, all of which are good-looking. It is made up of 100% cotton and soft but sturdy material that makes the headwear durable. It can last for many years. The only downside of this boonie hat is the small sizing.



The Tru-Spec is another cap that has the standard military design, particularly that of the US. It comes with brass screen vents and an adjustable chin strap. It can be worn by both men and women. And because it is light in general, it is an excellent headwear during the summertime. It may be a bit more expensive than the other brands out there, but you’d realize why if you get one. It can serve you for many years, and that right there makes it worth the money.


Gadsden and Culpeper

The Gadsden and Culpeper is actually under the Tru-Spec brand so that there tells you that it is also of high-quality. In fact, it is rated as an excellent product. Plus, it comes with a cool military design. It fits larger heads and it can maintain its position on your head. It offers excellent fit, protecting the wearer’s neck and face against the heat of the sun.



EINSKEY is known to provide maximum protection on long days outdoors. It keeps the sun off your head, face, and neck. The same is true when it is raining. It comes with a wide rim that prevents the droplets from hitting your skin. It is water repellent and it comes with a thin adjustable chin cord.



The Sinddy boonie is quality made and durable, keeping your head well-protected against the sun as well as sand. So if you are one who loves engaging in outdoor activities, especially when the sun is up, this could be the right boonie hat for you. Its stitching is high-quality too so it’s definitely worth having.



Made with 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester, the GLORYFIRE is another comfortable boonie hat that you might want to invest in. Military veterans approve of this cap’s authenticity. It even comes with a map holder, adjustable chin strap, and side vents to allow ventilation. It is made with only the finest materials, so the cost and value is right on.



Made with 100 percent polyester and nylon material, the USHAKE boonie hat offers great comfort and defense against the sun, rain, wind, and other elements. You can roll the brim up to add more style to it. The inner section is light and airy too, which cools your head in the burning sun.


When choosing the best boonie hat, always consider the accessories, comfort, overall fit, as well as the degree of protection that the headwear can provide. Make sure that you also look for one that fits your budget.

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