The Best Camping Tarps Reviewed

Getting tired of the hectic life in the city? Go camping! A lot of us go camping to relax, unwind, and temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle in the city. This outdoor activity is so enjoyable that more and more people make it a point that they do it a few times within a year.

In order to have a better camping experience, you should make sure that you have all the needed materials. Food and water is number one, of course. But another essential item that you should invest in is a camping tarp. You wouldn’t know when a torrential downpour will occur, so it is crucial that you are ready. This type of tarp will also protect you against the heat of the sun and other environmental elements.

Here are the best camping tarps that you should consider buying:


OUTRY Multi-Purpose Tarp

The OUTRY tarp is something that you can use for various purposes. It can serve as a tent, hammock, picnic mat, or ground cover, making it the best-rated tarp out there. That’s the reason why it is on top of our list. It is made with 210D oxford fabric, which makes it waterproof and hard to rip. It also comes with tent pegs to hold it down and secure it, especially on blustery conditions. Even if the winds are strong, you can be sure that you are safe with this multi-purpose tarp.


B-Air Grizzly Tarp

This camping tarp is made with tightly woven fabric that ensures durability and protection. It is also waterproof, lightweight, and can be used for different purposes. Aside from being a camping tarp, you can utilize it to cover your truck bed or even your boat or camper. Plus, it has built-in aluminum grommets that secure tie-downs. Having the B-Air Grizzly Tarp handy would always be a good idea.


Stansport Reinforced Multi-Purpose Tarp

This product is another multi-purpose tarp that works really great for camping, keeping firewood dry, covering the bed of a pickup truck, covering a boat, or anything else that you want to keep dry. It is made of durable rip-stop polyethylene laminated on both sides. It comes with double-reinforced corners as well, so you can expect it to last longer than the other types of tarps that you can find in the marketplace.


OUTAD Waterproof Tarp

Looking for a colorful camping tarp? The OUTAD waterproof tarp is the answer. You can have a stylish picnic mat, hammock, beach mat, shelter train tarp, camping tarp, and whatever else you want to use it for. It’s quite easy to take outdoors since it can be folded to a handy 6 X 4-inch size. You can easily tuck it away.


Eagles Nest Outfitters Rain Tarp

The Eagles Nest Outfitters has been supplying outdoorsmen high-quality camping hammocks and tarps for quite some time, so they know exactly what an outdoor enthusiast like you needs. Now, the ENO ProFly Rain Tarp can shed away rain, snow, and other elements without any problem at all. Plus, it’s made with 210D ripstop nylon, giving you the assurance that it will last for many years even with frequent use.


Kelty Noah’s Tarp

This one here is probably the best weatherproof camping tarp on this list. Its seams are fully taped, giving you the assurance of full protection no matter what the weather condition is, be it day or night. It’s the best tarp that you can utilize when camping, backpacking, hiking, or hunting.


Terra Hiker Camping Tarp

The Terra Hiker is a waterproof, multi-purpose tarp that can provide a barrier between your tent and the cold or wet weather. It’s made with 210D Oxford cloth that has been carefully processed to make it waterproof. This protects you and your belongings against moisture and dampness while you are out in the wilderness. It can also be folded down and kept in its own drawstring bag carrying case.


REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tarp

REDCAMP is another popular outdoor equipment brand. With this in mind, you can be sure that their camping tarp is designed to serve its real purpose and that is to protect you and your belongings against the harsh weather conditions. It can be used as a 2 to 3-person tent as well as a picnic mat, sunshade, or a beach mat. It also folds down to a very compact size.


Foxelli Rain Tarp

This product right here is one of the favorites on Amazon and it received a whopping 4.8 stars. It is an ultra-lightweight tarp that can be used as a hammock or a camping tarp. Plus, it comes as a complete package with all the things that you would need to set it up.


Aqua Quest Safari Tarp

If you are into camouflage, then the Aqua Quest Safari Tarp would be your best bet to somehow blend with nature no matter what the type of outdoor activity you are up to. Be it a traditional camping trip or perhaps a hunting adventure, this amazing tarp could be your shelter.


Camping is always fun and exciting. More so if you have an excellent tarp that you can use to protect yourself and your belongings against different weather conditions. You’d never hesitate to stay outdoors for a longer period of time knowing that you have a reliable camping tarp.

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