Survival Skills That Everyone Should Know 

With all the modern conveniences that we are enjoying right now, does anybody still know how to live without gadgets, gear, and special equipment? Sure, having all those things brought about by modern technology has allowed us to live life effortlessly, but what if disaster strikes? There could be a horrendous storm that could knock the power down and leave you without electricity for days or even weeks. Or worse, you may get lost in the wilderness.

In such situations, you need to survive without depending on anything or anyone but yourself. For this reason, it would be great for you to learn some survival skills, which include:

Identify Water Sources

Water is very important. If you have been watching reality survival shows, you will notice that water is the first thing that the contenders look for. Experts say that human beings can survive up to 21 days without food, but not water. At an average temperature outdoors, you can go without water for up to 100 hours, but that can be shortened if the weather is too hot.

So when you are in the wilderness, what are the possible water sources? Running water and groundwater, which you can find in ravines, valleys, and low points, are the number one sources.

Purify Water

When drinking water from lakes, rivers, or streams, it is important that you purify it first before drinking it. This way, you will be able to kill the bacteria that may be present in the water. Otherwise, you can suffer from diarrhea and other health conditions caused by drinking dirty water.

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