The Top Spots For Hunting Within The US

Many people are into hunting wildlife like elk, deer, mountain lions, antelopes, and bison just to mention a few. I could understand the adrenaline rush and excitement that keeps you going no matter what the weather is. If you are lucky, you’d go home at the end of the day with massive antlers or perhaps a buck’s head as your trophy, not to mention the meat.

In order for you to have an amazing hunting experience, though, you should know where exactly to hunt. In the United States, there are lots of places where you can experience your first kill, depending on the species that you are interested in.


Salmon, Idaho

The name of this place in Idaho might make you think that it’s a fishing spot. That is true since there’s a huge variety of fish that you can get here like salmon, trout, and many more. But if you are up to a bigger hunting game, that’s something that Salmon also has to offer. Hunters often go after bears, mountain lions, elks, and deer in this area. So you better pack all your gear and prepare for that much-awaited hunting trip.

What’s more? Situated on the Salmon River, this city in Lemhi county also offers magnificent views.

Quincy, Illinois

If you are more into bucks, then Quincy, Illinois is the place to be as it is regarded as the area with the highest potential for trophy bucks. So whether you are a seasoned buck hunter or a first-timer, you will surely have lots of fun going after bucks as well as deer. Just look for the best outfitter in the area and prepare for a good catch.

Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Mountain goats are popular in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. You would not believe how big their population is. With excellent gear and strategies, you will surely catch one or even more. Take note though that hunting in this place is done on foot. Therefore, before you head to this destination, be sure that you are well-rested and energized.


Arizona is one of the best destinations when it comes to elk and bull hunting. If you are a newbie, you might have a little bit of a hard time on the hills, ridges, and peaks. But if you are already an experienced hunter, those would be a piece of cake to conquer.

Moffat County, Colorado

Pronghorn Antelopes are abundant in Colorado, particularly in the northwest region. According to reports, there were about 70,000 antelopes in the area back in 2008 and I’m sure that has grown bigger by now. If you are heading to this place to hunt, consider hiring a guide so you can increase your chances of having a successful hunt.

Oregon’s High Desert

Do you want something really exciting and one-of-a-lifetime experience? Consider going to Oregon’s high desert and hunt for the bighorn sheep, which is considered rare. Once you do catch one though, that’s something that you can be very proud of for the rest of your life. You can make use of mules and horses to scout the area.


Back in 2011, Texas has recorded a harvest of more than 300,000 bucks in that year alone. White-tailed deer hunting is also becoming popular. That’s no wonder because the Lone Star State has almost 2 million acres of land to offer for public hunting. For this reason, you should add this state to your bucket list.

Idaho County, Idaho

Idaho County has a rugged nature, and that’s what makes it a perfect breeding ground for wild animals, particularly the Mountain Lions. But keep in mind that due to the nature of the region, it is a bit challenging to access even during the summertime. Well, you can expect it to be worse during winter. You can utilize snowmobiles though to navigate through the rough roads.

South Dakota

In North America, the Bison is considered as the largest hunted animal. It is vicious-looking, too, so this animal is really intimidating to hunt. But for hunters like you, that only adds to the adrenaline rush and excitement, right?

Northwestern Montana

This part of Montana is a popular hunting spot for black bears. Reports show that the chance of coming across a black bear is 95 percent, so that means that there is also a high success rate. If a black bear is your thing, then head to the Flathead Lake or the Glacier National Park.

There you go with the most popular hunting spots within the US. Take a pick and satisfy that appetite to hunt wild beasts. Good luck!

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