Essential Items You Need To Survive A Pandemic

The spread of the new strain of coronavirus has caught the world by surprise. From its first emergence in Wuhan, China in December 2019, it quickly spread all over the world, which has infected millions of people. The sad part is, a lot of them have died. Up to this day, no cure has been established yet. As to when and how, nobody really knows at this point…..

This is an example of a pandemic. In a nutshell, a pandemic can be defined as an epidemic occurring worldwide affecting a large number of people. We never know what will come tomorrow. The only thing that we can do is to be prepared even in our own simple ways.

Here are essential items you need to survive a pandemic:


Face Masks

Be it flu or any other type of sickness, face masks can provide protection. It helps you avoid getting in contact with the respiratory secretions of infected individuals, especially when they sneeze or cough. Sick people need to wear face masks as well so they won’t be able to spread the infection. Although a face mask does not really provide full-proof protection, it can still serve as a barrier.


Bacteria or viruses can’t be seen by the naked eye. So to add another layer of protection, wearing disposable gloves would always be a good idea. With these pieces of protective equipment, you can avoid getting in contact with contaminated surfaces, especially when you go outdoors or in crowded places. Be sure, though, that you use your gloves properly to ensure that they are serving their real purpose.

OTC Medications

Depending on the sickness, there are various over-the-counter medications that you can utilize to treat the symptoms. Therefore, you should always have a stash of OTC medicines at home, such as those for cough and fever. If you could get stocks that would last up to 90 days, that would be better.


Your immune system is your first line of defense against infections and other diseases, so it is only right to take good care of it. Aside from eating healthy foods, you can also take supplements and vitamins to boost your immunity. Vitamins can be bought without a prescription. You just have to determine what you need. When it comes to strengthening your immune system, Vitamin C would be your best friend.

Hand Soap

We all have heard our grandparents and parents telling us to wash our hands. With the pandemic that the world is experiencing right now, this old habit has been proven to be very effective in avoiding infections and illnesses. With this in mind, you should always have a hand soap handy. As much as possible, invest in anti-bacterial soap.

Hand Sanitizer

Aside from washing your hands with soap and water, it would also be great to have a hand sanitizer in your purse so that you can disinfect your hands whenever needed, especially if you are outdoors. It is highly recommended though that you carefully choose the brand that you buy. Pick one with the highest percentage of alcohol as it would be more effective in killing bacteria or germs.

First Aid Kit

Even without a pandemic, having a first aid kit at home or in your backpack when exploring the great outdoors is highly recommended. It consists of important items like a thermometer, bandage, and other stuff that you can use to treat minor injuries. If you have this special kit, you will be able to treat yourself before anything gets worse.


Bleach is one of the best solutions that you can utilize to keep the surfaces of your home germ-free. Therefore, it would be nice if you have at least a gallon kept somewhere in your house. During a pandemic, keeping your home and surroundings clean is an excellent way to survive.


During a pandemic, business establishments may shut down. So even if you have the money if all the stores are closed, you won’t be able to get food. Again, you’ll never know when a pandemic may strike, so you should always be prepared. Keep some canned goods and other non-perishable food items in your pantry so you will have something to eat in worst-case scenarios.


Aside from food, you definitely need clean drinking water in order to survive a pandemic. Keep a box or two of bottled water. Or, you can also invest in a water filter or purifier, which is more practical in the long run.

Disasters and pandemics may strike anytime and anywhere. With this in mind, you should always be prepared. Keep a stash of the items that I have mentioned above as all of those are needed in order for you to survive. Of course, there are other items that can come in handy as well such as a camping folding chair. It’s best to think outside of the box and keep adding to the list above.

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